Wednesday, September 4, 2013

LOOKBOOK: Tiger and his polka Penshoppe

Here's my husband again. It's very rare that you see him here. Haha! Well, he is a very "private" person and there are times, like this one, where he's okay for me to take some photos of him and approving my blogger plans to feature him in this blog. I still don't know the equation for his "yes" until today.

During our 2nd wedding anniversary, we went to SM MoA to eat at the bay area. You know, it's just a simple celebration. Nothing bongga but we want to make sure that we spend some quality time together as a couple. We usually go out with Ethan but this time we want to feel like we're still in the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Hehe!

We did a little shopping. We went to Penshoppe because I said I'll give him a new top that he can wear at the office as my anniversary gift. Spot my husband here.


I saw this nice long sleeves top and I knew it will fit him perfectly. I said, "Tiger, look! This looks nice on you!" And he fitted it. I love this top because he can totally wear this at the office. Looks so corporate with a modern twist because of the little white dots printed on the fabric. But wait, there's more! He can also wear this on a casual mall date with me or Ethan. I can visualize him wearing this with his Penshoppe shorts, VANS shoes and his favorite hat. I will put that look together for him soon and let's pray he'll allow me to take some photos of his OOTD.


And I saw these printed shorts too. Did I buy it? Take a wild guess!


You can get this at any Penshoppe store near you for only Php1,099.

Until my husband's next OOTD. Hehe!

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