Monday, September 2, 2013

Avon's New Makeup Collection

I've been a bit (actually soooo) busy lately that I don't have much time to do my "blogging" duties. I can't even post as much on Instagram. I'm busy working on Dress Etc and it's eating most of my free time. That explains why I don't post as much on my social media pages lately. Sorry about that one. I promise I'll make a come back this week. :)

I was so lucky to be one of Avon's Makeup Council and to be invited to the media launch of Avon's newest makeup collection. I know you've seen the TVC but, for the nth time, let me share this amazing video of Anne Curtis for Avon.

I've been, and will always be, a fan of Anne Curtis ever since the world began. Hehe! She's just so fabulous, cool and funny at the same time. She hosted the launch at Sofitel few weeks ago and she did it with grace and it was flawless! She wore this beautiful red dress too and I just can't help but look at her and focus on her during the first part of the event. Just telling the truth here!


Avon's Global Celebrity Makeup Artist, Lauren Andersen, and New Product Innovation Director, Lisa Lamberty joined Anne on stage for a beauty talk. They explained what the new makeup collection is all about and how it fits the Filipina market. I really love this part as I got the chance to learn more about Avon's newest makeup collection from the experts.


Lauren also did a mini makeup workshop on stage. Look at Anne! She's so curious about how Lauren applies the new True Color Eyeshadow Quad on the model. Anne said it seems so easy to do a smoky eye look while watching Lauren. She's so cute and adorable just like that!

Anne Curtis Smith Avon with Lauren Andersen Celebrity Makeup Artist

I'm so happy to meet Lauren and Lisa. I'm one lucky girl! Lauren is so pretty. I promise! Lisa is so intelligent and I adore how she takes good care of her skin. She said she's old but she looks young. Her skin is just fantastic! She's my current idol when it comes to skin care. 

After their beauty talk on stage, the girls also sat down with us so we can have some real girl talk with them. I'm so lucky to be sitting right next to Lauren and Lisa. I feel like I'm going to faint that moment. I'm in my fan mode. Hehe!


I have a photo with Lauren in Say's camera. When I get my hands on that photo, I'll include it here and Instagram it and tweet it and Facebook it. LOL! Addict much!

Here are my lovely seat mates. I was actually sitting right next to Ana Victorino but I was so so so shy to ask for a photo. Haha! Here's Say, Shen, Nikki and Angel. Donna was also with us but she left early while we decided to extend our girly chat a bit.


And oh! Here's what I got for dessert. Yummy!


Here's a photo of Lauren, Lisa, Bob, Anne and Lala after the event.


I think I said too much about my experience at the event. So, shall we proceed to Avon's new makeup collection now? Okay, great! Here you go!


Avon was so generous to me everything (seriously, everything you can see here). Of course, the flowers and makeup brushes are not included. I went home carrying a heavy acrylic case full of Avon products. Thank you so much Avon for the BIG gift. Totally not expecting that one. I'll have a new haul video for you showing what I got during the event in my beauty channel this week. Better be subscribed, alright?

Don't forget to share this post with your friends and use #MakeItBeautiful as your hashtag and join us as we create some beauty buzz about this new collection.

You can get Avon's new makeup collection at Dress Etc, by the way. Want a demo? Just leave a comment below or email me at

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