Monday, August 12, 2013

Avon You Make It Beautiful Blogger Makeup Challenge


This is it! This is what I've been talking about in my social pages since last week. I was one of the lucky few, who were chosen as Avon's You Make It Beautiful Blogger Makeup Challenge.

Last week, I went to the Avon HQ for the challenge briefing together with my fellow contestants.


This is the first time I met most of these ladies but I'm really happy that I can talk to someone here - Say ;) I also met Clar for the first time. I checked out her YouTube channel this afternoon and it's so great! I am definitely subscribing :)


I came at the HQ with my man. He's the best husband ever! His support fuels me and my passions. I love this guy so much!


Here are the products I got for my makeup challenge.


Now, here's the part where I almost lost all my hopes. I was actually cramming as I filmed this video last Sunday. I was looking the night before for an HD cam and my good friend, Iris of Pinay Ads, lent her Nikon camera to me. I also asked for Rhea's help as she owns Il Fiore and she's willing to lend me one head piece from her collection. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use it (or get it) since I was cramming (just like college days). But I really want to thank Rhea for being so kind. Her "yes" means a lot to me. I just wish I used it and somehow featured it in my beauty channel. I also asked for my brother's help in this first ever major (sort of) production I did for my channel. Ace is the best brother ever! He was my camera man in this video.

So here you go! A product of cramming plus love and support from my amazing friends!

Here's my final look:


I can't get a decent #selfie photo because this kiddo wants to be in my photo too. Okay fine! Let's all do a wacky pose!


And after doing this video, of course, I'm left with this beautiful mess.


Any comments? OMG! My heart is pounding so fast while I'm writing/typing this post.

Honestly, I want to win. I wouldn't join this contest if I don't have any plans to win. That's the truth but I can't do it all by myself. I need your help. I need your votes.


1. Like Avon Philippines on Facebook.
3. Look for my entry. My name is Sai Montes there.
4. Click "Vote."

I will really appreciate if you can also ask your friends to vote for my entry too. I really need that.

Thank you in advance. Have a lovely day ahead!

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