Sunday, July 21, 2013

LOOKBOOK: Spend a little more time with you

"The morning I wake up, before I put on my makeup, I say a little prayer for you."

I know you know the song. It's my current LSS and I just thought about that when I wrote the title of this post. I don't know why but that's really it. Why "Spend a little a little more time with you?" This post is about my brother and I and how we pre-celebrated his birthday. I don't see Ace a lot so I get really thrilled and excited whenever we have some chance to see each other. I love my brother so much. We're not the best siblings in the world as we fight too especially when we were kids but, now that we've grown and matured, we really minimized all the yelling (yes, we do that a lot before) and Pacman fights (as I have a dude inside my fist). That's an overview of our CariƱo Brutal relationship. I mean, I have to be honest with you on that. We've been through a lot as a sibling but at the end of the day, we manage to smile, hug and even cry together. I miss this dude a lot!


So, going back. We celebrated his birthday twice (the actual birthday and the day before the actual birthday. Does that makes any sense?). As I told you in my earlier post (see here), I have to blog this wonderful day. If only I'm still single I would probably waste most of my time chatting with Ace and pissing off our mom (that's how we show her some love). But don't be OA and all. It's one of our ways to joke around and bond with each other.

After my meeting that day, I went shopping with Ace and Sara at Forever 21. Got some stuff that I really love, which I will still have to blog about soon. After shopping, Ace took some photos of me (and I forced him to do that. Oh, my life! I don't have anyone to take my OOTDs like what most fashion bloggers have. I mostly force my friends to take my photos haha!). So, here's my meeting (slash) shopping (slash) birthday celebration outfit:

This is an attempt to make a creative shot. Fail!

Outfit Details:

Sheer blouse, The Landmark
Necklace, Dress Etc
Watch, Tom's World (got it after months of playing in their arcade area)
Eyeglasses, Firmoo (with new multi-coated lens to fit my needs)
Shorts, gift and made by mom
Shoes, Girbaud
Bag, Avon
Makeup by yours truly

We went to Eat and Go to.... EAT, of course. We were so hungry that time because, I believe, we spent 3 hours shopping. This is what we ordered and these are all on Ace (happy Ate! Haha!)

Ace bought this pretty glasses from Forever 21 and I want to call it "The Ninoy Aquino Glasses" as it reminds me of Ninoy's signature eyeglasses. Don't you agree?

And we also spent more time doing wacky photos and selfie shots.


Ace is currently occupied with his work. He works at Century Properties as their Assitant Global Network Director and by the title itself it sounds so big time and means something that requires a lot of work. That's why we don't get to see each other that much anymore. He even invited me in one of their current projects and you should believe me when I say, "It's so damn beautiful!"

If you want a really cool place and a place where you can enjoy your hard-earned moolah then you should get a unit at Century Properties' Acqua and choose the building designed by Philip Starck. Crazy beautiful! If only my savings are that much, I'd get one unit. The space and place is perfect for my family especially for my dear Ethan. If you want to see the place, please get in touch with me so I can tell him. Just email me at

That's all folks! I'm gonna be busy again this week but I will try to squeeze in a post or two for you plus don't forget to join my Pink Parlour giveaway, where you'll get a chance to win an OPI manicure and pedicure Royal Princess Treatment. I got the same treatment and you can read my review here.

Ciao ladies! See you in my next post!

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