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Evening dress styling tips for pear-shaped ladies

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I know it's not the weekend yet but I have a guest post from Vickie Day and I'm pretty sure that you'll learn a lot from her article for you. I will not keep you waiting. Here you go!

Whatever your body shape, it can be difficult to decide which style of outfit complements your figure. This is especially true when it comes to evening wear and it can be a real headache choosing an outfit if you are not sure of your body shape. It obviously helps to know which shape you are but even then, you may be unsure of the style that flatters. Here, we discuss evening dress styling tips for women with a pear shaped figure and give you some tips on styles to avoid.

What is the pear shape?

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Women who are pear shaped tend to have narrow shoulders and a small bust while their hips, legs and bottoms tend to be wider, hence the pear shaped analogy. The best dresses for women who are pear shaped are those that draw attention to the top half of the body such as shoulders, arms, neck, back and bust.

Dress styles you should wear

A great way to make your body appear more balanced and evenly proportioned is to choose a dress with either a full or A-line style skirt which will emphasise your waist, while at the same time disguise wider hips. Black is a flattering colour to choose if you are looking for a dress that is the same colour all the way through. The top of the dress should have either a halter neck or be strapless, both of which are very flattering styles for this body shape. Choosing a dress which has some sort of embellishment around the neck or chest area is also a good idea since it will draw attention to this area.

With regard to colour, if you want to wear something other than black, try to ensure that the colour around the bottom half is darker than the top. Alternatively you could wear a darker coloured dress and then accessorise it with a light coloured shawl or bolero. It is possible to find many evening dress styles online that are just right for those with a pear shaped figure.

Styles you should avoid

As with any body shape, there are certain styles that pear shaped women would be wise to avoid. These include outfits which have pockets at the side and skirts that are tight fitting rather than full. Although fabric should float around the waist, avoid fabric that is gathered or has pleats in this area as it will draw attention to broader hips. Try to avoid dresses with boat necklines and thin straps because they are not flattering to this body shape.

Hopefully these tips will help you to choose the right style of evening dress for a pear shaped figure – and will make it easier for you to avoid styles that don't flatter your figure.

If you are still unsure, look through photographs where you are wearing an evening dress and you should be able to spot which ones worked!

About the Author
Vickie Day is an expert in fashion and accessories and provides regular advice and guidance on evening dress styles online.

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