Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dress Me Up 3 (Win Fall Out Boy tickets) + School Tips

Uber busy! This month was packed with lots of activities for me. I blogged about the behind the scenes of Araneta Center's Dress Me Up 3, where I was once again invited as a stylist/blogger. Every DMU is such a fun experience and this time I met new faces and gained new friends.

I, actually, never (ever) thought that I'll be a stylist. I mean, all the things around me right now is overwhelming. Growing up, I just want to be a stage actress, singing and dancing to my heart's delight.   I am even surprised of all the opportunities that are knocking at my door. You know what they say - opportunity knocks only once. So, I just grab them and learn.

For Dress Me Up 3's styling event, I was asked to go for the "Back-to-School" theme. It was not easy because I came at the venue late. Sucks, right? But what can I do? Some things are just uncontrollable. Being late means not getting all the pretty stuff but since I'm a marketer, I closed my eyes and think of guerilla marketing and kabam! Here are the looks that I've produced:

Look #1:


Peg: Myself during my college days. Haha! Nothing will beat that! I don't know how students mix and match their clothes these days but, when I was in college, I love my skinny jeans (of different prints and bright colors), my tote bag, my glam top and my heels on. This was my inspiration for this look and it's not that hard to achieve.

I, personally, think that this look is so fierce, fashion-forward and will make you stand out. When you're in school, you have to be the apple of your professor's eye (in a good way) or so I think. I'm a studious girl and I don't want to be caught scratching my forehead because I don't know the answer to a simple question. My husband can attest to this *wink*.

School Tip: Most students would hate people raising their hands in class after every question given by the professor. My motto? Walang basagan ng trip. It's not wrong to study hard. Only caution is, don't be the braggy type. I've had one classmate like that before and I hate him! *Ooops! Too much information already haha!*

Don't be afraid to stand out and, by experience, it will take you to your dreams. I really think that it's cool to be smart and fashionable at the same time. Students have this image of nerds and geeks in their minds that they are those who have their eyeglasses, carry a library in their arms and would wear boring clothes. Na-ah! Modern geeks would prove you wrong *wink* (but I think Sheldon is still cool).

Look #2:


Peg: Rebel rock.

If you love rock music and fond of banging your head unli times, but still want to look feminine, then this style is for you (btw, you were my inspiration in this look). I played with black in this look and even borrowed my brother's black jacket for this. I put Cindy's hair in a side bun, which I think is so cute, so I can get two different personalities in one look. See how it doesn't look so glam when your hair is in a messy bun but still so girly. Plus, buns are the reality of life. Admit it! When you're going to school and you're running late, you don't curl your hair like those in YouTube videos, right? You just grab you pony tail and bun your hair. Easy as that ;)

School Tip: If your favorite color is black and you want to wear it everyday at school, try to incorporate other colors in your outfit so you won't look boring. Try wearing a black top with red, blue and orange prints in it. Don't be afraid to wear a flowy top too. I see most college girls wearing a plain black tee. I know it's comfy but I know deep inside you also want to try something new (and maybe get the attention of your crush. Uyyyy!).

My brother styled Mark Lee and I'll leave the story for him to tell. He blogs at The Metro Lad.

Now, the fun part!

Araneta Center will raffle tickets to the Fall Out Boy concert to lucky winners. Here's the only thing that you have to do: Vote for your favorite Back-to-School style (and I am ordering you to vote my styles. LOL).

Promo runs from June 19 until exactly 6pm of July 31, 2013. Winners will be announced on August 1, 2013. Winners can claim their tickets at the Will Call Window of TicketNet Box Office on August 8 from 2PM-5PM only. Of course, prize is not convertible to cash so don't ever try to argue (just in case).

Click these photos > Like > Share. That's all you have to do :)


See you at the Fall Out Boy concert!

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