Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Behind the Scene: Dress Me Up 3

This is my first time to blog using my phone and I can't wait to see how this will look like in my site. I finally got an iPhone 5 and, so far, I'm happy with it. I've been downloading all tools for blogging and some games.

I can't believe that I am a pioneer of Araneta Center's Dress Me Up. It's actually fun to see how it gets better each time and I get to meet new friends.

Last Saturday, I was once again invited by Araneta to style the Bb. Pilipinas winners and a male model. Of course, I came with my brother :) We have a regular arrangement that I am going to style the Bb. Pilipinas winner and he'll style the male model. We believe that we can style better if each will be working with the same sex and, for three consecutive DMU, it's actually effective.

I am not yet sure where Araneta will use these photos. It could be a back-to-school sale poster or something like that but we'll definitely have an exhibit soon. The dates are not yet with me since Araneta is yet to email them. Don't worry I'll keep you posted either here or in my social networks. You know how this works, right? Hehe.

So, let me show you the BTS photos of the Dress Me Up 3 event. I'm really happy to be styling Cindy. I don't like comparing but to tell you honestly I like Janine and Nicole better. They're much easier to work with. I shouldn't be in this event because I have a wedding to attend but because Kath's a good friend, I said yes and I was planning to leave the venue at 1pm but, because of traffic, I arrived at Araneta at 11am. I know that sucks. Like big time! So, to make it up to Kath and Araneta, I stayed 'til the end and did not go to my friend's wedding :( So sad but true. It's just so hard to manage the situation at the moment. Moving forward, here are some of the beautiful photos I've taken during the event.


Styling: Yours truly, Sai Montes
Model: Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism, Cindy


Styling: Ace Ong of The Metro Lad
Model: Mark Lee

I am so glad to get the chance to meet Mark. He's a great guy and model. He's got some sense unlike other male models that I've met in the past. He really knows how to get along. Looking forward to work with him more :) I am also proud of my brother, who styled him. I'm excited to see the photos from Araneta ;).

Of course, this event is also a time to get together with old friends and meet new ones.

1. My brother. We've been so busy working our ass off that we don't really get to see each other on a regular basis. I'm glad that Dress Me Up brought us together... again!

2. Nika and Carlo

3. The amazing Hazel! She's my newest inspiration ;)

4. Kelly Medina, someone who I always admire and I'm very happy to finally have the guts to talk to him. Hurray!

5. And of course, my dear friend, Kath of Araneta Center :)


Of course, I wouldn't waste this chance to show you what I wore at the event (full photo) haha :P


Outfit details:
Dress, Forever 21
Blazer, Ensembles
Watch, Relic from Dress Etc
Boots, Forever 21
Bag, Louis Vitton
Earrings, Gift
Makeup and styling by yours truly

What do you think of my look?

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