Monday, April 15, 2013

Tagaytay Summer Trip with Pop Talk

Hey hey! I owe some updates to you regarding one of my amazing trips in Tagaytay. Few years ago, I discovered that Tagaytay is not just about the Picnic Grove or the People's Park in the Sky. I went sailing with my dear friends Flow Galindez, Glenn Ong, Jason Tomas and Ryan Vargas just to name a few. Tagaytay surprised me again! I'm sure not a lot of you know this but I've got some summer vacation trip ideas for you at Tagaytay. You ready? Let's go!

I was invited to be one of the guest reviewers at Pop Talk. Have you heard about this program? I bet you did! This TV show is actually one of the not-so-many shows that I'm really looking forward to every week. More than the experience of being a guest reviewer, I really (cross my heart) enjoyed our Tagaytay trip.

Destination #1: Taal Volcano's crater

Taal Volcano summer trip escapade

IKR! Unbelievable! I never imagined to be near Taal volcano. I used to be very satisfied seeing it from People's park in the Sky. I also learned a lot of things especially the image of Taal volcano in our heads is just an itty-bitty part of the humongous crater of Taal. Gosh! The experience was priceless BUT you can also experience it. More details below.

Destination #2: Residence Inn


As a mom, this place is really for my kid but as an adult I enjoyed it too. I know I have a tendency to be a little childish at times but believe me when I say this place is awesome! When I think of Residence Inn now two things only pop in my mind - the magical show and their zip line!

The magical show is really intended for kids but what amazed me as a grown woman (Yuck! That sounds so old!) was the part where the animals are crossing the stage. They are really trained. You'll see more of this in Pop talk.

What I can't forget in this destination? I TOUCHED A TIGER! A REAL TIGER! Gosh! I almost fainted!

YouTube Sensation, Kimpoy Feliciano, feeding the tiger

Destination #3: Sky Ranch


It's the newest themed park in Tagaytay. It's more than SM MOA's huge ferris wheel and more magical than Enchanted Kingdom! There's a huge ferris wheel there where you can see the entire Tagaytay and Taal volcano too!

Why more magical than Enchanted Kingdom? I curse the day I rode the Viking! It was an experience to remember but I will never be that brave again. Imagine being thrown in the air like you're committing suicide! Oh gosh! I thought I was brave enough but I was so freakin' wrong!

It was an opportunity to meet Kimpoy Feliciano and Elijah. They're so nice. Don't forget to grab a copy of Kimpoy's album under Universal Records. Go Kimpoy!

With Kimpoy Feliciano

With Elijah Alejo

[Left to right] Sai Montes, Laila, our makeup artist and Elijah Alejo
With my idol, Kuya Tonipet 
Yes, Captain America is at Tagaytay too doing his Japan-Japan pose :P

Kimpoy Feliciano as Elijah's model (teehee!)

[Left to right] Sai Montes, Elijah Alejo and Paolo "Kimpoy" Feliciano

Because we're talking about Pop Talk here, are the destinations pop na pop? Watch out for my verdict tonight at GMA News TV 11, 10pm.

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