Saturday, April 27, 2013

LOOKBOOK: A day by the river

It's been quite a while since I last updated my Lookbook. Sorry about it guys! I've been really preoccupied.


Outfit details:
Lace caftan, Surbala
Two-piece, Tomato
Shorts, Dress Etc
Sunglasses, Greenlane Shop

Few weeks ago, we went to Laur, Nueva Ecija for Rozzelle's graduation. I did her hair and makeup and if you want to see it, I blogged about it here. Because our trip to Laur was also to have a mini-reunion with my husband's family, we have planned a trip to the beach (or so I thought it was?).

So I packed my things and I'm ready for the white sand. But to my surprise, there's no beach, there's only a river. I was not disappointed at all since this will be my first time to go near a river. It was really exciting. I never taught that there's something like this in Nueva Ecija. When I think of Nueva Ecija all I picture in my head are rice fields. Period. Good thing I brought my NIVEA Sun Moisturizing After Sun Spray with me. We used it to protect us from the sun.


I wore a lace caftan from Surbala this time because, honestly speaking, I am not so confident with my body hahahaha! We all get through that stage, right? I'm human! LOL. After a while, I preferred to wear my purple shirt. After all, this is not a beach :P


Presenting... my family!


Sorry for making this post a photo dump but you know what they say! Photos speak louder than words! We really had fun and I wish we can visit Laur again! 

How about you? Where did you go for your summer vacation?

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