Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ethan's first professional hair cut

Hey girls and mommies! This is actually a late post. I've been trying to schedule this for the past few months but I just can't seem to finish the article and put it up. Now that I'm a bit free to sit down and write an article, I'll share my son's first professional hair cut at Cuts for Tots. You ready? Here we go!

After Ethan's first birthday, which I still have to blog too, we went to SM Megamall to get his first professional hair cut. Of course, we can always go to the trusty barber shop for this but I want to get his first hair so we looked for a kid salon which lets parents collect their child's first hair plus I feel that barber shops are a thing of the past (LOL). I went around at SM Megamall and saw Cuts for Tots.


There are a lot of kids getting their hair cut at Cuts for Tots. The place is very child-friendly! They have LCDs where kids can watch cartoons or animated films. There are also toys around so the kids can play while waiting for their turn.


The cashier area also sells stuff like oils which are safe for kids too!

We had a great experience with Cuts 4 Tots. I got my son's first hair and I kept it in my "memory box." The toys helped Ethan to behave while the stylist is cutting and styling his hair. We also got free shampoo and blow dry! Hurray! Even kids get pampered nowadays. Back in the days when I was a kid, boys get their hair cut in barber shops. That's how I remember it and we spend hours waiting for my brother to get his turn and, when he does, we spend an hour for his hair cut to be done because he cries or is irritated by the hair falling on his shoulder or neck. It's just one painful experience for me because I sit for hours for my brother to get his new pogi look! Hahaha! By the way, he's all grown up now. Visit his blog at The Metro Lad.


The price is very affordable too! It would only cost you P300 for the hair cut plus you can request for your child's hair. They will put it in a little plastic then store away! They also offer packages where they take a photo of your kid's before and after shot and a certificate too! It will be for an additional cost though.

Of course, after the hair cut we went to Karate Kid to eat our dinner with Ethan's new look!


I wasn't able to take photos of our food but I took a photo of this Gyoza because it's my fave!

Mommy and son bonding! Ethan's first attempt to use a straw. Fail! Hahaha

Hope you enjoyed this post. Have you gone to Cuts 4 Tots lately or before? How was your experience? Let me know through dropping a comment below!

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