Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Levi's 501 in Color

Hey ladies! What's up? So I'm at home right now and taking care of my sick baby. I did not go to work today and now that my son is taking his nap I decided to blog. Two weeks ago I received an awesome gift from Levi's 501 and from Castro and Associates PR. It was a pleasant surprise (thanks to Mikki!) that day since I had a very tiring one at work. Before showing what I got, let me tell you first about the new Levi's 501.

Denim jeans are definitely a must-have in everyone's wardrobe. Since 1873, Levi's 501 have been part of most of us. It has actually been recognized as Time Magazine's "Fashion Item of the 20th Century" and it truly is. Up to this day Levi's 501 is a favorite especially with their latest collection of colored denim. For loyal 501-ers, don't fret. It's the same as always, like never before.

This year, you'll get the same high standard of quality that you get from your good old Levi's 501 but this time the symbol of our individuality and universality has been updated for a more contemporary fit, which includes:

  • A slightly bigger open up waist
  • Slimmer leg silhouette and bottom opening
  • Finer fabric
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Adjusted placement for larger pockets
  • Modernized belt loop, inseams and cuffs

  • It will also be available in non-denim fabric.
  • New bold colors including mineral red, chalk blue and true chino.
  • Lighter weight shrink-to-fit fabric without compromising the fit and strength just like the 501 you're used to.
I say, "A-W-E-S-O-M-E!" This will definitely be included in our must-grab for our next shopping day. My husband will love this!

Now that I brought you the good news, here's a gift I received from Levi's 501. Thank you so much for the gift and I'm giving a shout out to the gorgeous Mikki Galang for making this possible! 


This is how the package arrived at home. Thanks Castro and Associates PR :)


I got the coolest notebook in town! (I just realized now that notebooks are turning to be one of my collections lately.) It's hardbound and really nice. Plus, I have that Levi's logo at the bottom part of every page *rock*.

Of course, I got a new USB! Yey! I love it! I think it's very creative! If ever someone sees this inserted in my laptop, they don't have to ask. It's from Levi's baby!

To know more about Levi's 501 visit their site at http://levi.com.ph and follow them on Twitter (@LevisPhil)

Hope you find this post useful and somehow cute (LOL).

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