Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Go BagsGo!

(Flashback) My mom is fond of bringing me to the market when I was little. We buy our weekly supply of veggies, fruits and meat. Maybe because I'm a girl who'll be a mother like her, which I am now, and maybe because I'm more behave than my brother (teehee!). I remember carrying lots of plastic bags, which we got from each vendor from the market. My mom will call a kid selling bigger plastic bags and buy one so we can put everything together. There was a time when my mom used bayong but I don't like it. It feels so itchy when it touches my skin plus I get little wounds every SINGLE time!

(Present) Of course there's still plastic bags in the market but I prefer using eco bags.

Our society, nowadays, has realized the need to take care of Mother Earth. The realization was more than just what was being taught in school like keeping your candy wrappers inside your pockets and throw them when you see a trash can. Even big companies are participating in events like tree planting, cleaning the beach and educating people from the rural areas on how to preserve the beauty of our environment.

I think it was last year when I partnered with WWF for an awareness program about taking responsibility on our slowly dying environment. We had a discussion about how we can help this advocacy in our own ways. Since I am an avid shopper, I said I'm going to use eco bags. Taking care of our environment is one of my advocacies.

I recently I stumbled upon a site which offers reusable bags. It's the BagsGo. I just heard about them and I think I want to get one too.


First is that it's eco-friendly. I love using products which helps me in my advocacy in taking care of our environment. It's also lightweight and is made up of the same materials as that of a parachute so I think this is perfect for traveling especially if you're an adventurous person. It's also washable and dries so fast plus it's water resistant. No more worries of getting your things wet because sometimes we don't have much space when we travel so we tend to put everything inside one bag, right? It also comes in various colors so you can match it with your outfit, maybe.

What eco bags are you using, by the way?

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