Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Christmas gifts

Hey girls! Finally! I'm blogging about how I spent my Christmas this year. I spent it with my family. It was my baby's first Christmas so I made sure that it'll be extra special. I haven't uploaded the photos in my Facebook yet but I will upload them soon! I'll update this blog with photos when the pictures are ready :).

This year was so awesome and I can't thank everyone enough. This was my "come back year" since I went back to blogging and I really (1M times) appreciate all your support. Getting back on track was not easy and I really struggled but with all your support I had a great blog year last 2012. I gained new sponsors, both international and local, this year and I officially became a stylist (Thank you Araneta for that!). I am so blessed with lovely readers, a supportive husband and a son, who's aside from being so adorable, who inspires me in everything I do.

Here are some of the gifts that I got from my blog sponsors this Christmas. It's not a lot but choosy pa ba ako (LOL)Not everyone gets a gift from brands, right?

In random order

Water jar/Tumblr from SPERRY Top-Sider
NIVEA gift box
Took this shot because I love how NIVEA used fashionbysai.com :) Small things make me happy, you know? :P
Assorted NIVEA products
Nivea gift pack Nivea gift pack
nivea gift pack Nivea gift pack

Clutch bag from Hued Bags
Top from Penshoppe. This actually came as a surprise :P. Super thank you, Penshoppe! :)
Earrings from Penshoppe :)
I love personal dedications! ^_^
Mossimo notebook Mossimo notebook
This is my new blog notebook from Mossimo :)
Accessories bangles spike earrings Accessories bangles spike earrings
Accessories from Boutique de Reines

Then here are some of the gifts that I got from my friends ^_^

Got these acrylic makeup organizers as my gift in our office's Christmas party (makeup not included but I wish they were LOL). I was like a little girl receiving her Barbie when I opened this gift. My brother, husband and sister-in-law can testify to that. Thank you so much Toni! :)

From my dearest friend, Sara of I Play the Villain :)
Long champ bag orange bag phone charm
They are gifts from Pebbles! I love the charm so much!

Another gift from my friend at the office. Thank you Nicole!

From my kumare (slash) friend, Sheila. I was so excited to put all my stuff. Obvious ba?

Here are some of the things I bought for myself. I also bought a lot of clothes but I lost my laptop so they photos were all gone but I will re-take some shots and I will update this post soon.

New wallet from WWW (What Women Wants), SM Accessories

Toolbox a.k.a. organizers. I bought two from the Handy Man. I'm using it to store some of my makeup and some of my accessories. You gotta know that I'm an organizer freak. I am obsessed with boxes or any storage items, promise! I'm still planning to buy more this month. I'm kind of re-organizing my things.

Of course, I bought more makeup. I actually bought more than this but I lost the photos because my laptop was stolen. I bought them as my gift for my mom and for myself.

Ipanema beach slippers Ipanema beach slippers
I also bought 4 IPANEMA slippers for my husband, in-laws and me (of course) :)) These are the slippers that I got for my husband and I. I got a purple one and a gray one for my in-laws :).

Whew! That was quite a lot, right? I will update this post with the clothes I bought for myself. I went cray cray when I went shopping with my husband before Christmas :P.

How about you? What did you receive last Christmas?

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