Sunday, January 6, 2013

LOOKBOOK: Just like yesterday

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: I dedicate this post to my one and only mom and to the coolest brother in the world, Ace! Time really flies so fast! Yesterday I was just a daughter and a sister now I'm a mother and a wife. Switching roles is not that easy at first but I'm proud to say that I'm doing quite well :).

This outfit is inspired by none other than my college days! On a typical lazy day, I look like this at school from way back. Jeans, shirt and heels are my staple outfit but for this look I decided to go a little lazier :)) hahaha! I wore my Ipanema slippers, which I featured in my Christmas gift post.

I was this simple before but I dress up when needed. Why would I dress up like Carrie Bradshaw in school, right? Or should I say that's just me :P. I was a busy student in college. I was the President of our college organization and was supposedly the President of the Central Student Council but I declined the offer. I prefer the "Student Representative" position since I've got too much in my hand. Should I count my Marketing professor who tagged me as her "secretary" in her mind? :))

Outfit details:
Shirt, bazaar at Greenhills Shopping Center
Jeans, gift from my mom
Slippers, Ipanema
Bag, SM Department Store
Hair Accessories, WWW (SM Accessories)
Spike bracelets, Boutique de Reines

I actually don't wear messenger bags when I was in college. I use big tote bags from Secosana or Leonardo. My mom was in the bag business that time so I'm one lucky girl. I change my bags every week :P.

This is what I wore when I went to Gateway with my mom and brother. Now that I'm a mom, I miss bonding with them. You know? When all your life you're used to talking to your mom and brother/sibling 24/7?

"The Escalator Shot"

"The Kim Sam Soon Shot"

"The Lablab Shot" (hahaha! Sorry, just made that one up!)

"The Candid Shot" (Char!)

We tried Razon's Pork Sisig and Pancit Luglog/Luglug as well as their Silvanas and the famous Razon's Halo-Halo! Yummy!

Mom and Ace of The Metro Lad

Mom and I talked about our little business together too and bragged about my Starbucks 2013 planner! Hahaha! Hey! I was literally vomiting coffee for that planner so I have the right to brag :)) After all I've been through for that! LOL. It was a short span of time but I enjoyed it!

See you in my next OOTD! Kachow!

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