Wednesday, January 16, 2013

IN THE MAIL: Miss Bella Eyeshadow Palette, Hued Bags and Shiseido

Hey ladies! Mail time again! I just received another makeup palette from the gorgeous Rhea Bue :). I fortunately won in her blog giveaway last December and I can't wait to use this new baby!

This makeup palette is from Miss Bella. I might do a product review on this soon but I have a loooong line of products to review so it might take me a while to put up a review about this one. Hope you can bear with me :P.

This one is long overdue and I forgot to blog about it so here you go. Last December I received these items from Hued Bags, Sample Room and Hygiene 24.

I have a lookbook entry with this clutch bag from Hued Bags and you can check it here.
I also did a product review on Hygiene 24 and you can also view it here.

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