Saturday, January 5, 2013

EVENTS: Hayan Cosmetics Product Launch

Hey girls! It's Saturday and I'm just resting at home. Headache attack again but since I owe you too much I'm blogging again. This post was supposed to be up last night but I fell asleep. Ooops! Sorry! I'm only human (to the tune of Craig David's song) hehe.

I was invited to Hayan Cosmetics' product launch some time last December. It was held at their Starmall branch. CAUTION: I lost all my photos of the launch. Too bad someone stole my laptop and all my files (ALL) was there so all I have here with me are product shots.

Here are what Hayan gave me for covering their event. You might be wondering what Hayan is. It's the newest Korean makeup brand here in the Philippines. I personally met the owners and they are wonderful! I also love their "interpreter/product specialist" Soo Juong (hope I got that correctly), who's so pretty. If I can just stare at her for hours I probably have done that but I guess I'll get a big slap on my face for my weirdness haha :)). But seriously, I want to stare at her because she's a real Korean beauty  with that super smooth skin. She's so pretty! ^_^

I was wow-ed with their products. I don't buy Korean or Chinese products especially when it comes to skin care or cosmetics. I'm afraid it will damage my skin or what not but this brand got me going crazy over their products. 

I would say that the product that got my attention most was their Aesthetic Serum with snail mucus. Based on Soo Juong's explanation, it will help in recovering damaged skin cells, which is perfect for acne scars. It only costs P370 as part of their introductory price but it will be sold for P700 soon.

Hayan Cosmetics was so kind enough to add two more products in my loot bag. I was actually going to buy them but the owners insisted to give it to me for free. Aren't they so generous?

I will review these soon. I love the eyebrow pencil and I'm going to try the eyeshadow soon. I don't want to give too much details yet. Just wait for my review hehe ;)

Hope you can visit Hayan Cosmetics in their Starmall branch. It's located at the second floor. I'm familiar with the entire mall but they are located where most Direct Selling companies are.

I have a strong feeling that this brand will soon be my go-to beauty brand. I will try to visit their store soon to buy more stuff from them. You know what's next - product reviews! Oh I can't wait to try them all!

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