Sunday, December 2, 2012

The TDK Legacy Lives On

TECH/FASHION BLOG: I can't believe I'm posting something techie here but what I'm going to share to you is something that's part of our daily outfits. We may not show it in our usual outfit posts but we always have them in our bags - earphones and headphones. I personally have them all the time though I'm using my Samsung earphones that's specially made for my phone. I also have one at the office from Dress Etc and I'll post my OOTD with that headphone soon.

I have to be honest. I don't own any TDK item but I'm hoping to have one soon so I can try them. I am surprised that they have this boom box (or is it?) until now. It's just so cool and retro! Teehee!

In 1935, TDK was introduced in the market and up until now their legacy lives on. When Imation took the brand in 2007, TDK developed more media products for the public such as flash drives, headphones and computer speakers.

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