Monday, December 10, 2012

My New Glorietta Vibe Experience

FASHION EVENT: Hey guys! I know I've been so busy lately that I have not update my blog. I'm so sorry. Have you heard about the biggest fashion show in the world? Yeah, I'm part of that and I want to tell you E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Yes, the good and the bad because I owe it all to you! I wouldn't be in this show without your wonderful support!

Warning: Rant and raves in this post. You have been informed! (MMDA STYLE).

Before you walk the runway, you have to submit your photo to AVA and Glorietta's website. I did that a couple of times. Their site is just so freakin' awesome that I have to re-submit my photo entry a hundred times! I'm not sure what's with the photo upload system but I have to look for another photo and then re-upload > system is not accepting it > look for another photo > re-upload > and blah blah blah.

Finally after a hundred try, my Headshot Clinic photo by my dear friend, Niccolo Cosme, made it! If you've been reading my blog since the dinosaur era (LOL) you've probably seen this but if you're new to my site then enjoy this photo! You can also read my AIDS/ HIV Prevention advocacy post too if you feel like reading more of my articles.

I went through all the process that the others went through. I waited for days for them to approve my photo. With Niccolo Cosme behind the lens, I am so confident more than Manny Pacquiao when he fought Marquez for the 4th time! Believe me! So after three or four days, I finally saw my photo and I asked my friends to vote for me. Luckily, I was one of the chosen people to walk the runway with my friend, Nika of Your Fashion Inspiration. I'm pretty sure you know her and I am also a big fan of her! Promise!

I don't want to go into every detail but all I can say is that this event is the worst event I've ever been to! I'm not being a b*tch here. I just want to be honest. Of course, the experience was fun but the things that I have to go through just for a 10-second fame on the runway is just not so fabulous at all!

NO OUTFIT. Yes, the organizers did not give me any outfit not even an earring! They said it's because "they ran out of time" and I believe they just told me about this two days before the actual show. Duh!
NO MAKEUP ARTIST. I am just so freakin' fortunate and proud that I am a makeup artist. I did not worry about this one but there are so many models worrying about their makeup. Nobody wants to look bad on the runway, right?
UNORDERLY REHEARSAL. Well, at least in my own opinion. We were running here and there at the venue because we don't know where to go. You can ask the models if you know them and prove me wrong! I dare you! 

As a PR person and an event organizer, if I am going to put up the "biggest" fashion show in human's history then I need to be prepared... like BIG TIME! I don't know about the others but this is what I experienced. Sometimes it's nice to be in an event without your "blogger" status so you can see the real thing. Imagine this: They only paid for a handful of models. Two thousand models were there at their event with no makeup artist? Imagine all the mileage that they got because of these models. They couldn't beat the world record without them... without us. I just don't think that's fair!

On the brighter side, I helped my blogger friends with their makeup. Good thing I brought my babies with me! Here are my new models! Congratulations for making it to my makeup portfolio! ;)

I met them at the rehearsal and they are worried about their looks. I actually played a "fairy godmother" role in the show's BTS. OMG!

And here are my other Cinderellas...

Kim Nieves of Glitteringly Yours

Of course, I did my bro's makeup. Visit his blog at The Metro Lad. The guy on the right is Carlo Arizabal, who I met at a bar in Tomas Morato, danced with him before realizing that he was a fellow blogger. Who cares! We had fun! Now we're good friends ;). I love his hair, by the way! I want that hair color next year #PromiseToSelf.

(Lady on the right) Honey of The Good Fairy

Will Cheng of Will Style

Katherine Rivera of Deer Kitty Kittie Kath

And my new girl friend, Carvey (in the middle of Nika and my brother)

This is our little exposed cave where all the makeup sessions happened. Yes, we did it all behind this giant white Christmas tree!

While doing Kim's makeup.

I enjoyed the show. Don't get me wrong. I just don't like how they organized it. More photos with my fashion blogger friends and of course those that I'm really dying to meet.

Team Nika for Folded n Hung :)

At the Folded n Hung dressing room area.


With David Guison! I'm such a fan. He's really humble and kind. To my brother: Belat! LOL. My brother really wants to meet David. He inspires him in his outfits and blogging too. Too bad he was at the Penguin holding area when I saw David. Better luck next time, bro! Haha

Here's what I got from the organizers. No comment.

Hello there Mother Regine!


Photo courtesy of my friend, Earth. Check her post about the fashion show here. Yes that is Kyle Patrick on the right side.

Also met my friend, Ivan Dorschner at the backstage :). You are all grown up, man!

Of course, I am proud to be part of history for the second time around. First was when I was part of the largest human rainbow from way back :) Congratulations to the other 2,254 models for being part of history!

I guess I'm just brave enough to post this. I want to be fair. I'm so sorry if there's someone out there who might find this post rude, b*tchy or whatever. I'm not fond of telling lies just for the sake of something or someone. Take it or leave it.

Follow me, maybe?

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