Sunday, December 16, 2012

IN THE MAIL: Surbala and Caronia

Hey ladies! Today marks another blog segment that I hope I can somehow sustain. Since I'm receiving packages from sponsors quite a lot I decided to make a segment entitled, "In the Mail." When you that in my future posts that only means that those are the things that I got straight from the mailman :).

To kick off this new segment, I received two packages this week. One from my new blog sponsor and the other one is a gift from a local brand.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you, guys, that Surbala from Australia is one of my blog partners now! Yey! Welcome aboard Surbala! I will have a separate post about their company on my Christmas break from work. Just a brief background about them though, they are a clothing brand from Australia and I met them through Young Republic. I'm so happy that they find my blog interesting that they sent me this lovely lace dress!


This dress is perfect for summer! I can wear this on top of my two-piece bikini! I can't wait to show you an outfit post wearing this! Since you are all so dear to me I am sharing the discount code that Surbala gave me. Visit Surbala at Young Republic and check out their latest collection and use the code SUR2CHNY and get a 15% discount on your checkout

Next is a surprise gift from Caronia. Yes, it was truly a surprise because I never expected anything from them. I did a review of their Summer Fling nail polish and I'm glad they liked it. Thank you so much Caronia for these lovely nail colors! Now, I have more Caronia in my nail box. Love it! :)


I will try them out soon and I'll give you a review.

Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings! I am truly your princess!

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