Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Three Beauty Trends to Try in 2012

BEAUTY BLOG: Every year there are different beauty trends coming in. Whether you want to try these trends or not it should always be your consideration to always reinvent yourself. Think of Madonna. Would you think she'd go this far if she stayed as the "material girl" given that Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and even Miley Cyrus is coming into the scene of music? Reinventing one's self is a the key to always find something interesting in you. Besides, there's no harm in trying out new things, right?

If you want to try out a new look in 2012, here are three beauty trends to try this season.

Gellux Glitters

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Nails
Nail polish is a thing of the past. The latest trend if you are to get your nails done professionally is to have Gellux nails. Gellux is a chip free gel that is applied in the same way as a polish but is then left to harden under a UV lamp. This provides customers with chip free nails for over a week. 2

Eyelash Extensions

Long luscious lashes took centre stage at London fashion week and you can create the same effect with high quality eyelash extensions. This is a trend that has taken the world of beauty by storm and it has achieved a cult following from many models and celebrities. If you want catwalk worthy lashes, have your lash extensions applied by a professional.


Statement brows are a huge trend for the season ahead and if you want to transform your brows and create a focal point, threading is the treatment of choice. Strong brows are here to stay and if you want to transform the appearance of your eyebrows, threading can make them more defined.

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So, which of these have you tried or interested in trying? Let me know by dropping your comment below! Stay beautiful, ladies!

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