Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shopping List Ideas #2

FASHION BLOG: Hey girls! Here we are again and I can't wait to show you some shopping ideas for the second time around. I think I'll do this on a regular basis. I just love scouting for adorable products for myself and I hope you'll benefit from this post too. So, read away ladies!

CAUTION! I have a lot to share this week! I'm such a shopping freak! LOL

Love my own Tomato Time watch! ;) Yes, I have one like this!

Statement necklace from Dress Etc

Hello Kitty organizer from Dress Etc

Beautiful wedges from Dress Etc again hihi. I really love this one!

Aztec prints are really in! Check out these shoes and made-to-order bag from Kaelyn's Closet :).

Yes! I am so addicted to organizers since I'm such an organizer freak! I've been really eyeing to buy these acrylic organizers for almost two months now. I want at least one! Believe me! I always check this out every time I'm with Sara, my dear friend from I Play the Villain.

These acrylic drawers and organizers are from Muji.

I think this is perfect for storing your lipsticks! Rawr! I really want to buy this soon!

Another way to store your makeup from Muji :)

This one is from Tomato! I can't wait to buy one! They have three more designs but I haven't seen the other three yet. I believe this is a planner. Perfect for someone like me who has the tendency to always forget haha!

You know I'm currently obsessed to bags and clutch bags! I love these from Little Black Bag and the statement necklace too! So adorable!

Found these sweaters from Forever 21 and I love them! I want the one with Minnie Mouse on it :P

This one is definitely in my next shopping list! MAC Studio Fix Fluid! Just found out that my shade is NC42 from my MAC Counter trip with Sara last Saturday at Rockwell :P. You'll be mine soon!

Whew! That was quite a lot! Hope I gave you some ideas on what you'll get for your next shopping time!

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