Saturday, October 30, 2010

Online selling and buying at

By Sai

I've been an online seller since 2007 and an online buyer since 2000. Before, Multiply was my only avenue for online selling and buying. I also use Buyandsellph and Lately, I've been using more since I find the user interface very friendly ;)

As a seller, always prompt me to change the words I'm using. I'm actually hoping to get some assistance about this because I'm really into online selling ;) For now, I visit their site as a buyer only.

I'm really planning to buy my own car next year since I feel my need for it. In fact, I'll be enrolling in a driving school early next year in preparation for that "Sai Car." I admit. I really don't know anything about cars so I asked for my dad's help and we're looking at these photos in
Cars at
I can't decide which car is for me. I'm actually canvassing the price so that I can save money for my future car (just talking about it makes my imagination fly because of excitement. I want to drive around the metro with my Sai Car)

Somewhere in my hunt for my future car, I stumbled upon bags for sale pages and I really had fun looking at this authentic Louis Vuitton bag ;) There are many bags in the site and I'd be so broke if I'll buy them all hahaha
Authentic Louis Vuitton Bag for sale
From bags to accessories, cars to cheap laptops, have it all! If you're planning to sell some of your stuffs online is one of the sites that I'll recommend. Happy online shopping everyone!


  1. That LV bag is fake:(

  2. Ooops sorry! I just got the photo from the site. Did you buy it?


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