Monday, August 16, 2010

ONE Naturales is now available at Watsons starting August 18!

By Sai

ONE Naturales' products offer natural luxury at affordable prices
On August 18, 2010, Wednesday this week, ONE Naturales will be available at your favorite Watsons Stores. ONE Naturales is a personal care and beauty product line which offers natural luxury at such an affordable price.

I love ONE Naturales because it’s not just a beauty product, it also supports my advocacy of using products which are natural and eco-friendly. ONE Naturales is organic which gives its customers a wide variety of products with nature’s benefits in formulations that deliver optimal results.

Charade Galang, an pharmacist and entrepreneur, started formulating beauty soaps several years back to pursue her love for experimenting. Charade Galang left her managerial position at a top international fashion retail chain to concentrate in developing products we now know as ONE Naturales.

Charade Galang, the woman behind ONE Naturales.
ONE Naturales’ success roots from Charade’s meticulousness in producing quality products and affordability, which consumers are constantly looking out for. Galang, being a woman of science, has the advantage of knowing which ingredients will work best. She knows that consumers look out for high-quality products and considers the products affordability.

The winning combination of quality and price led to her success in achieving what most small business owners dream – being picked up by an international retail chain and commissioned to come up with an exclusive brand for them.

“We created the products using the best combinations of naturally sourced ingredients and organic extracts, exudates, purees, and essential oils at high levels,” Galang says.

ONE Naturales’ current product range includes solid shampoos, body soaps, skin bar conditioners, body butter, lip butter balms, hair conditioners, moisturizers and lotion massage bars. Aside from the fact that their products are of high-quality and affordable, I find the name of their products so cute! Their soaps carry such fun names like Blast From The Past and Extra Virgin. Their soap products are hand-made while the rest are manufactured using the same standards in Good Manufacturing Practices for manufacturing facilities implemented by government regulatory agencies worldwide.
ONE Naturales Hand & Body Lotion
“The main difference of ONE Naturales is its formula, which is fortified by the use of high amounts of carefully selected high value natural and organic ingredients,” Galang explains.

“Exposing our skin to products that have conscious efforts to reduce chemical agents will eventually retard skin aging, discoloration, and stress-related problems. ONE Naturales products were formulated using high amounts or natural and organic ingredients that nourish the skin with more food than junk,” she says.
ONE Naturales Body Scrub
I heart this product so much! Aside from the cool soap names they have, their packaging is so beautiful to me as it is to our environment. The materials used in their packaging are all environment friendly. They come in recyclable tins and papers. They don’t use plastic packaging – how responsible of them!

In 2011, ONE Naturales will be introducing cosmetic products and advance skin care systems.

“We will be in the global stores of Watsons within 2011 and we hope to be the brand of choice of people who are conscious of what they use on their body and how it contributes to the care of our planet,” Galang concludes.

I can’t wait to purchase my first ONE Naturales product! I’ll wait for the makeup line too since I really love beauty products! I agree when Galang said, “natural ingredients result to natural beauty.” Don’t forget to grab your ONE Naturales products too on the 18th! Happy shopping to everyone!


  1. I have tried one of their products. Sadly, their Solid Conditioner doesn't do my hair any wonder. I did not team it up with One solid shampoo to really test its conditioning properties. My hair became hard to comb and unmanageable, especially once it's dried. Totally not worth my money. Liquid conditioner is still way better.

  2. Oooh! Really? I haven't tried the solid conditioner though but I will and I'll give a product review too. Let's see if it really doesn't work.


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